OMIDI Import & Export e.K


Company History

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Omidi Import & Export e.K.
Porgesring 36-38
22113 Hamburg

+49 40 254 955 71
+49 40 254 955 73
+49 172 43 11833


Founded in the year 1974 by Iradj Omidi Sabet the company was signed with the name ALIFA Export GmbH, in Hamburg, which main activity the trading of industrial equipment was.

Due to the families’ situation a company reorganization was necessary, which changed its activity in becoming a one of the leading specialist in the field of *stock lots will arise by reasons like: overproduction, change of models, warehouse clearance, cleaning up of stocks, cancelations, change of fabrication, company stock lots* around Hamburg.

When reason of age forced the founder to leave and the junior took over in 1997 the change of the companies name into OMIDI Import & Export e.K. was decided.

Omidi Import & Export e.K.